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Wood Dust Designer Maker

Wood Dust are excited to announce our new, next generation woodworking event — Wood Dust Designer Maker

Held at Melbourne’s newest maker space FAB9 in Footscray, this innovative event explores the art of design for woodworking and the processes of fine craftsmanship.

If you are interested in design and woodworking, you won’t want to miss Wood Dust Designer Maker


8th – 11th August 2019


The FAB9 Makerspace
90 Maribyrnong Street
Footscray, Melbourne

Tickets on-sale end of March 2019

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Designer Maker Highlights

Wood Dust Designer Maker brings you a comprehensive design and woodworking experience:

  • A range of Three, Two and One-day design and woodworking Masterclasses featuring international and Australian woodworking celebrities
  • A Weekend at Wood Dust Makers Conference offering revolving demonstrations with leading designer makers on a multitude of topics
  • A Timber & Tool Marketplace with your favourite timber and tool retailers

Tickets on-sale end of March. Stay in touch so you don’t miss out

Who will be at Wood Dust Designer Maker?

Reed Hansuld


Reed Hansuld

Reed Hansuld

Brooklyn, New York

Reed Hansuld is a Canadian furniture and product designer maker based out of Brooklyn, New York. His work focuses on finding balance between functionality, high quality craft and modern values. Beliefs in sustainability have shaped his directive to create long lasting products that seek to engage the user for a personalised experience for generations to come.

Reed had been drawn to and already been making things from wood for years, so he enrolled in a community college woodworking program. It was around this time he began apprenticing for Michael Fortune who was his first introduction to the world of studio furniture. Following his time with Michael, Reed took the nine-month program at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine where he was taught and surrounded by a notable array of furniture makers.

Reed Hansuld now works form his Brooklyn based workshop designing and making a range of high-quality furniture and interior pieces. His work is often associated mostly with chairs which is usually at the centre of the teaching work he does along with wood bending. Reed says this can be both a blessing and a curse, but both disciplines came more naturally to Reed than other focuses - it’s also what he was most drawn too while first really pursuing and learning the craft. When asked what drives him create this work Reed says:

“Why do I choose to make things at this quality, with this amount of time investment? Well, it’s what resonates with me, it’s a challenge, it’s something that requires being present. It requires being creative all the time, not just in an objects design, but in finding efficient solutions to creating that object.”

Reed Hansuld has taught at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, Penland School of Crafts North Carolina and is scheduled to teach at the Centre For Fine Woodworking in Nelson, New Zealand on the completion of Wood Dust Designer Maker.

Come and meet Reed Hansuld at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about Reed at www.reedfurnituredesign.com

Vic Tesolin


Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin

Ottawa, Canada

Vic Tesolin is a veteran of the Canadian Army where he served for fourteen years in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. After his honourable discharge, he was a student at Rosewood Studio where he studied furniture design and making under the guidance of some of North America’s top furniture makers. He ran his own studio furniture business designing and crafting furniture by commission while working at Rosewood as a part-time instructor and craftsman in residence. He realised that making the type of furniture he liked to make didn’t make him much money, so he went in search for a real job… taking the helm at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine as editor and then moving on to Lee Valley tools where he works creating content and teaching seminars at various locations.

Currently Vic is one busy guy. You can usually find him in the shop building furniture or in front of his computer writing articles for various publications around the globe. He’s the author of The Minimalist Woodworker, a book that encourages people who can't run machines because of noise, dust, lack of space or budget, to woodwork with hand tools. With a follow up book in the hopper, he should manage to stay out of trouble for a while ... or not.

Come and meet Vic Tesolin at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about Vic at www.victesolin.com

Bern Chandley


Bern Chandley

Bern Chandley

Melbourne, Australia

Designer maker Bern Chandley is one of Australia’s most respected, productive and creative contemporary furniture makers. Working from his Melbourne studio, Bern has developed a practice grounded in tradition but rich with innovation. As a craftsman who works predominantly by himself, many of Bern’s techniques allow for simple one-man solutions to complex tasks. Bern has a direct relationship with material and his understanding of the nature of wood is profound. Steam bending is a core process to Bern’s every day furniture making practice.

Bern specialises in a contemporary interpretation of traditional Windsor chairs. Windsor chairs have incredibly strong joinery allowing them to endure generations of punishment, there are numerous original chairs up to nearly 300 years old extant. The structure of these chairs allows for an almost endless variety of designs. From decorative traditional to simplified modern and anything in between. All Bern’s Windsor chairs have solid hand carved seats into which all parts are round tenoned and finished in water-based paint, natural oils and wax.

Bern started his Carpentry/Joinery apprenticeship at 16. After some twists and turns he spent 15 years making sets for the film and television industry. An encounter with American chair maker/teacher Peter Galbert sparked his love of the Windsor chair form.

In his trademark cap, Bern has become something of an Instagram sensation with over 65,000 followers from all over the world watching his progress in the workshop. Bern is the “real deal”, a one-man workshop making world class furniture using a combination of traditional and modern tools and techniques.

Portrait photo by Lillie Thompson

Come and meet Bern Chandley at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about Bern at www.bernchandleyfurniture.com

Adam Markowitz


Adam Markowitz

Adam Markowitz

Melbourne, Australia

Adam Markowitz is a practicing Architect, furniture / lighting designer and educator. Adam has trained in furniture design in Hobart and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. He undertook further craft studies at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine USA, where he studied under the likes of Timothy Rousseau and Adrian Ferrazzutti.

Adam’s work has been exhibited both locally and internationally in London and New York. He was awarded the ACE Emerging Design Prize in 2015, Vivid Emerging Design Prize in 2014 and 2016, and was shortlisted for the Australian Furniture Design Award in 2017.

Since 2015 he has operated independent design studio, markowitzdesign, from the Meat Markets in North Melbourne. His practice seeks to find a balance between contemporary design and traditional methods of craftsmanship. He currently also teaches a furniture design subject at the Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne.

Come and meet Adam Markowitz at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about Adam at www.markowitzdesign.com

David Haig


David Haig

David Haig

Nelson, New Zealand

David Haig is an internationally renowned, furniture maker from Nelson, New Zealand. Over the last three decades David has been commissioned to design and build a wide range of furniture for clients all over the globe.

Educated in the United Kingdom, David moved to New Zealand in 1976. Changing direction after completing a history degree at Oxford University, he began developing his craft as a woodworker. Starting with antique restoration and then simple pieces like chests and tables, David gradually developed his own design aesthetic and became interested in chair design in particular. Today David is one of New Zealand's most successful furniture designer-makers, working from his home and workshop in Cable Bay.

David is best known for his design, the Monogram rocking chair. This rocking chair was based on a pencil sketch drawn over breakfast one day that gave him the central concept of a few sweeping curves that he’d been trying to bring together as a chair design. The first chair then took three months to build, and though David has modified and improved many of the details and construction processes, the purity of the interconnected curves of the original design have remained.

In addition to designing and making fine furniture, David is a regular teacher at the Centre for Fine Woodworking Nelson New Zealand, and since 2001 has been invited to the North America to teach both short and long courses at the prestigious Centre For Furniture Craftsmanship at Rockport in Maine. David was also a winner at Australian Wood Reviews Studio Furniture 2018, collecting the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery Award for his chair – ‘Folium No.3’.

Come and meet David Haig at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about David at www.davidhaig.co.nz

Carol Russell


Carol Russell

Carol Russell

Brisbane, Australia

Carol Russell is a self-taught woodworker who has been making pieces for most of her adult life. Carol began woodworking in 1987 with small furniture projects and antique restoration, spending time in workshops and gleaning what she could from craftspeople who were prepared to share their knowledge. She spent several years on small commission projects, exhibiting her work in galleries in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

After many years of making furniture and using machinery to tame the wood and create sharp straight joints, she became drawn to simple hand tools such as carving chisels, knives and spoke shaves. Carol says working slowly by hand gives you the time to read the timber and use the ‘features’ contained within. She has found it a gentler, more considered way to work and one where you have time to ponder on the tree and listen to the radio.

Today much of Carol’s focus is on carving beautiful wooden spoons and teaching from her studio in the inner-city suburb of Paddington, Brisbane. When Carol makes spoons, she is aware that each piece of timber carries with it the story of the tree it came from. The character of the grain speaks to her of diverse landscapes, from high mountain country in Tasmania to harsh desert regions and dry river beds in Western Queensland. Carol says ‘I chose spoons because I love their sensuous, smooth shapes. To me they represent giving, sharing and hospitality. A spoon can be used to serve food to others or given as a gift. They are both sculptural and utilitarian.’

Come and meet Carol Russell at Wood Dust Designer Maker
Learn more about Carol at www.carolrussellwoodwork.com.au

Immerse yourself in all things woodworking at Wood Dust Designer Maker

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